The St. Charles Parish President’s Shelf

The center of power.


  • 16′ by 3′ in three sections
  • ADA compliant (extends <4" from the wall)
  • Cypress Ply
  • Special walnut stain on the outer sections and dark walnut stain on the middle section, gloss finish.

Stretching through three Parishes, St. John, St. Charles, and Jefferson, this shelf centers on St. Charles. At 16 feet long, it matches my other longest shelf (the Manhattan Jack shelf!), but comparing the two is not possible because they’re built for two completely different atmospheres. This particular shelf hangs on the wall of the St. Charles Parish President’s conference room.

From material to finish, this shelf is special. It starts with cypress plywood, purchased locally at Gueydan Lumber in Jefferson Parish. With each layer crafted by hand, the three sections take form. To highlight the Parish that calls this shelf home, the St. Charles section gets a special stain treatment that brings out the grain of the cypress and draws attention to the middle section. Hand-selected to complement the specific shade of green used to paint the wall, the special walnut stain on the outer sections provides a balanced contrast to the dark walnut stain in the middle. The final touch that transforms this shelf is white edging that emphasizes the separate layers.


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