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The Crescent City

The main motif of our shelves is the iconic crescent-shaped curve of the Mississippi River as it flows around New Orleans.

Functional Wall Art

More than just art, our pieces function as shelves and are the perfect place for books, photos, and collectibles.

Custom Shelves

Each shelf is custom, meaning you get a one-of-a-kind, hand-made piece of art in the exact size and style you want.

Customize your shelf

How to Submit a Custom Order

  • First, identify a section of the river using the map
  • Then, decide whether you want a single-layer shelf or a triple-layer shelf and click on the appropriate listing
  • Complete the form, selecting the approriate size, and the start and end of your shelf, as well as finishing details
  • After adding the shelf to your cart, add customization details in the "Optional note" box on the right
  • Choose "Pickup Order" if you're in New Orleans and want Topher to deliver the shelf personally
  • Topher will contact you to confirm the details of your order
  • Topher will ship or deliver the shelf to your place within 30 days
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The Artist

Topher and his wife holding a baby alligator.
Topher and his wife Morgan with a baby gator.

Born and raised in the California Bay Area, Topher has always had close contact with and an appreciation for water and its ways. Reading about the creek that runs by his childhood home in Steinbeck's works and the bay that gives the region its name in London's, Topher's association with water has always taken on a literary nature. That's not to say he hasn't spent his fair time on the water. Summers saw Topher and his wife, Morgan, taking a two-person kayak to Elkhorn Slough to navigate California's equivalent of the bayou. Rafting down the American River is also an experience he will never forget, nor is paddle-boarding the Santa Cruz surf. Suffice to say he's familiar with the waters of California.

So, when Topher moved to New Orleans in August of 2005, he understood water's power and got the hell out of Hurricane Katrina's path. But he came right back. After six years and two Tulane degrees, he made the short-lived decision to move back to California. As they say (or as they should say): you can take the gator out of the swamp, but you can't take the swamp out of the gator. After a year in California, Topher was ready to move back to the city of New Orleans.

Upon returning to New Orleans, Topher and Morgan moved into an apartment and immediately began decorating it in their own style. For months, a stretch of 10 foot wall stood empty. On a whim, Morgan came across link a bookshelf in the shape of the United States and asked Topher if he would make it. Wanting something with more local connection, he began creating a shelf in the shape of the Mississippi River as it winds through the greater New Orleans area. Topher was creating the original England River Shelf.

These shelves are a labor of love. Topher cuts each layer by hand, using the tools that carpenters have for centuries (you know, electric sanders, jig saws, and drills). He crafts each one to fit the specifications of the lovely people who order them. Explore past shelves and contact Topher if you have any questions.

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Showing its bare wood, this three foot Mississippi River shelf is ready for its finishing touches. Copyright 2013 England River Shelves, LLC I try to respond to emails in a timely manner. Please sit tight!

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